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TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

машини за пелети

1. The main wheel can be adhesive, fire preventive and abrasion resistant, effectively preventing the belt from slipping.

2. Equipped with a venting port to effectively prevent dust from exploding; safe and reliable.

3. The machine barrel adopts a flanging process; equipped with a pressing dustpan or plastic dustpan.

4. Can be equipped with a non-return device to prevent blockage of materials caused by machine halt.

5. The bottom is designed as an arc, which can clean itself and can be equipped with an off-tracking warning or monitoring system.

6. Widely applied to vertical transport of various materials; technical parameters are deployed for power according to height.



Model Specification TDTG26/18 36/18 36/23 36/28 48/18 48/28
Yield(T/h) 15-20 20-25 25-30 25-35 25-35 30-35